5 easy steps to stop comparing yourself to others

5 Steps to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

5 easy steps to stop comparing yourself to others

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” —Theodore Roosevelt

We all do it. We watch people and what they do, we flip through their Facebook albums and Instagram photos and we compare their experiences to our own lives. In today’s world where we’re constantly being told how to do our makeup, what to wear, and how to act, it’s hard not to compare yourself to the projections we see everywhere.

Perhaps your coworker makes a higher salary than you, or maybe your brother bought a house that you’ve always dreamed of. These are some of the many situations where we might ask ourselves “why don’t I have that?” Comparison is one of the most basic human habits that we all have fallen victim to a few times in our lives. Despite the fact that it makes us feel crummy, we tend to forget that we have the choice of whether or not we want to make ourselves happy.

Realistically, there’s an infinite number of ways and an infinite number of people that we can compare ourselves to. Although we all know that comparing ourselves to others isn’t beneficial in any way, it’s something that we all experience.

With that said, we wanted to highlight 5 easy steps to take in order to stop comparing yourself to others. Change the way you see things, and the things you see will change…

1 | Comparison is harmful by nature

When you compare yourself to someone you’re dismissing all of the wonderful things about you that make you unique. At this point you’re setting yourself up to lose since you’re already at a disadvantage. Comparison puts light on the wrong person since it’s YOU who wants to do better for yourself. The next time you catch yourself in a negative thought, take note of just how foolish comparison is by nature and how much it deprives you of joy.

2 | Remind yourself that no one is perfect

We’ve all met people who seem to have it all put together with such ease. They have a perfect smile, great hair, and almost seem to have a glowing aura around them at all times. It’s important to keep in mind that even the most confident of people have their weak spots, some people are just better at hiding their weaknesses than others. It doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else.

3 | Become unapologetically proud
of your own successes

Are you naturally an amazing writer? Or a self-made master chef? Perhaps you’re a whiz at math, or maybe you went into overtime completing a project that landed you on your bosses radar for a promotion. Whatever it is, don’t forget to always celebrate every tiny victory! Reminding yourself of your own successes will not only push you to do better, it’ll leave you with less time to compare yourself with others.

4 | Focus on what really matters

Society’s idea of success completely dismisses the real keys to happiness in our lives, yet they’re all hidden in plain sight. Things like love, selflessness, and generosity can’t be quantified or measured, making them a better pursuit than any job title or pay raise. Desire them above anything else and you’ll see that it will be much easier to stick to your own path.

5 | The only competition is you

If you need to compare, compare to yourself. Look to something that inspires you and push yourself to grow a little bit every day. As we all navigate through the journey of our lives, the core of everything we do is the drive to become the best version of ourselves. Keep this in mind the next time you start comparing yourself to someone else. The only time you should look back is to see how far you’ve come.

How do you deal with comparing yourself to others? We’d love to hear some of your own stories. Leave us your comments below!

Embrace Change: Our new branding focusing on embracing life and all of its curve balls.

Embrace Change: Our New Branding

Embrace Change: Our new branding focusing on embracing life and all of its curve balls.

You may have noticed that things have changed around here!

We’ve made some significant updates to our branding and are in the process of launching a brand new website. So we thought we’d make a short announcement to explain just what exactly is going on behind the curtains.

At the core of our update was a small but meaningful shift to a different tagline: from Everything Changes to Embrace Change. As your style partner during some of your most meaningful moments and occasions, we felt we needed to solidify the trust you’ve put in us.

This simple adjustment better conveys our brand essence to be a resource and source of inspiration and empowerment as you navigate life. So stay tuned for the new site and please check out the new content we’ve launched on Instagram. Despite the changes we’re the same Henkaa who will be there to celebrate all of your milestones – in style.

7 tips on how to keep your bridesmaids happy!

7 Ways to Keep Your Bridesmaids Happy

7 tips on how to keep your bridesmaids happy!

You’ve sent out your bridesmaids proposals and they’ve all said ‘YES.’ Here’s how to keep your bridesmaids happy in 7 easy steps…

Taking on the responsibility of a bridesmaid is no easy task, especially with the average cost of being a bridesmaid rising to almost $1500 in America. These ladies have stuck with you through thick and thin, and now they’ve agreed to stand by your side on the most important day of your life. Make sure you show them how much you appreciate them with these 7 tips on how to keep your bridesmaids happy.

1| Help your bridesmaids get to know each other

Obviously each and every one of these ladies are special to you in their own unique way. However, their relationship among one another is most likely very different and it wouldn’t be surprising if some of them don’t know each other at all!

Help them break the ice and get to know each other by hosting a girls’ night or a daytime brunch for your bridal party. That way they can get to know one another in a laid back environment which will make the planning process much easier and exciting throughout the next few months. Instead of feeling awkward, your bridesmaids can create lasting bonds and will look forward to seeing each other whenever there is a special occasion that involves the whole crew!

2| Ask them what they want to wear

One of your bridesmaids may be totally cool with a sweetheart neckline, but another might prefer to have her chest covered. One might prefer to have her shoulders covered, while the others are completely open to a strapless style. Some of your bridesmaids might not have the budget for that dress you dreamed of for your bridal party, or the color may just not be a good fit for their skin tones.

In order to avoid any headaches, sit down with your girls and ask them what they like and what they’re comfortable with. Once you find some common ground amongst each other, the planning process will be way more streamlined and straightforward. The best part? Everyone’s happy!

3| Consider their budget

Most importantly, make sure to be gentle on your bridesmaids’ wallets. Although that designer bridesmaid gown is dreamy and beautiful in every way, the price tag may be the complete opposite. Consider different options such as dresses that can be worn after the wedding, or going with a retailer who offers financing through a company such as Affirm. That way if you have any bridesmaids who might be strapped for cash, they can easily pay in installments that they understand with no hidden fees.

Understanding your bridesmaids’ budgets will make the planning process much smoother since everyone will be on the same page and will have a good idea of what to expect! Henkaa offers payments through Affirm to US residents, so make sure to let your bridesmaids know about this budget-friendly feature in case any of them might need it. If any of your girls aren’t able to purchase the dress at the same time as everyone else, Affirm is an easy-to-use installment program that offers the perfect solution for you and your girls.

4| Give them guidance

So you’ve decided that you want to have a mix n’ match bridal party, or you’ve given your bridesmaids the freedom to select their own dress. Before throwing them the reigns and setting out on your own paths, don’t forget to give your girls a clear picture of what you had in mind in order to make their hunt as painless as possible. It’s much easier to look for a tea length, creme coloured dress that will match a pink and mauve palette than it is to find a dress that ‘just matches a rustic theme.’

Giving your ladies clear direction will ensure that they’ll find what’s best for them while still keeping true to your wedding theme. It’s a win-win situation! If you’re planning on having a mix n’ match bridal party, make sure to check out some inspiration and tips on how to coordinate with your ladies to create a beautiful, unified look.

5| Don’t forget they have a life outside your wedding

Your wedding day is a big deal and its important to each and every single one of your bridesmaids. However, keep in mind that they have a job and life to keep up with outside of your wedding planning process. Make sure to consider their schedules before making appointments or planning arrangements to see each other.

If most of your bridesmaids work a 9-5 job, don’t expect them to take time off in order to attend your bridal fitting at 11am on a Tuesday. If you expect your Maid of Honor or your entire bridal party to be there for every single dress fitting, make sure to communicate these expectations at the beginning of the planning process. That way your girls will know what you need from them and they’ll be able to set aside time that works for everyone.

6| Keep freak outs to a minimum

With all the dress fittings, menu tastings, and flower arrangements to plan, its easy to let the wedding planning process consume you. As your bridesmaids, they expect to hear you rant about the odd hiccup and frustration, but don’t make it the only thing you talk about leading up to the big day. Keep in mind that they’re your friend outside of all of this.

Ask them how work is going, or how their new apartment is treating them. Keeping your cool and asking your bridesmaids about their lives will make them feel important and special. At the end of the day, you’re investing in your friendship which can only make your bond stronger!

7| Say thank you, often

Your girlfriends have agreed to help you in planning the biggest day of your life and are also committed to making sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Make sure to thank them for every little thing they do for you. Whether they help you stuff and seal wedding invitations, pick out the perfect dessert menu, or simply wipe your tears when you find your wedding dress.

Your girls will always be there to support you throughout your journey, make sure you take the time to thank them. Even for the little things.

How do you make your bridesmaids happy? Tell us in the comments!

Already picked out your dresses for the wedding? Find out what your perfect wedding day makeup is according to an expert.

10 Expert Tips on Planning a Spring Wedding - on the Henkaa blog!

10 Expert Tips for Planning a Spring Wedding

10 Expert Tips on Planning a Spring Wedding - on the Henkaa blog!

There are so many amazing reasons to fall in love with spring! The fresh smell in the air, the blooming buds and flowers, the perfect weather that’s not too hot and not too cold, it’s a beautiful time of year! Knowing all of this, we weren’t surprised to see that spring weddings are slowly starting to push summer weddings to #2 in popularity. For all you lovely brides saying “I do” during the spring season, here are 10 expert tips for planning a spring wedding that your guests will remember for years to come!

1. Plan well in advance: With more and more couples jumping on the spring-wagon, venues get booked up quickly come the warmer weather. Make sure to book your venue well in advance to secure the spot that you want!

2. Choose a venue that has an indoor/outdoor option: Unless you live in an area that has mild weather, most of us have experienced the unpredictable nature of the spring season. Keep this in mind when booking a venue and ask how previous couples dealt with an unexpected rainfall that popped in during the day. A venue with an indoor/outdoor option would provide a great backup plan and also provide some shelter from the cool evening air.

3. Keep your bridesmaids in mind: Maybe that super poofy, layered bridesmaid dress you picked out during the winter isn’t the best idea for the warmer weather. However, a thin midi dress may not be enough for this time of year. Consider a few options and make sure to provide a shawl or scarf to keep your bridesmaids cozy throughout the night.

4. Bring an emergency kit: Spring usually brings on the beginnings of allergy season for many people, so bring a few packs of allergy medication to make sure your guests are comfortable throughout the day. It may also be a good idea to bring a few cans of bug spray in case any mosquitoes try and crash the party!

5. Take advantage of the seasonal flowers: Consider planning your wedding theme around the beautiful blooms available during the spring season. Sweet Peas and Peonies both come in a beautiful array of colors and look great in bouquets and centerpieces. Take advantage of the spring season and find out what flowers and arrangements are available at your local flower market.

6. Brighten up your wedding: Several brides think that they have to stick to pastels during the spring season – wrong! Spring is the perfect time of year to add a pop of color to liven up your wedding! Add a beautiful contrasting color such as bright blue or magenta which will contrast the newly bloomed greenery perfectly.

7. Pack a survival kit for each of your bridesmaids: Your bride tribe’s job is to be your henchwomen for the night, so take care of them! Pack a little survival kit for each of your girls that includes some pain medication, mini deodorant or body spray, and maybe some touch-up makeup so that they’ll be feeling great all night.

8. Plan around long weekends: With all the bank holidays during the spring season, try to book your big day on a long weekend. There’s nothing better than knowing you have an extra day off work to recoop after a good party! Just be sure to book well in advance as these days usually get reserved first.

9. DIY spring details: Give away seeds or small potted plants as wedding favors so that your guests can remember your big day long after it’s gone.

10. Embrace the unexpected: As we said before, spring weather is extremely unpredictable. So be ready to go with the flow and don’t let a little bit of rain ruin your mood. Besides, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck in some cultures. A wet knot is harder to untie after all!

So there are our 10 expert tips on planning a spring wedding! We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched our new spring colors just in time for any of you brides that are getting hitched this season. Make sure to check out our new Serene collection at this link.

Follow our simple guide on how to clean our your closet in an hour on the Henkaa blog!

Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Out Your Closet in an Hour

Follow our simple guide on how to clean out your closet in an hour on the Henkaa blog!

Who’s excited for spring cleaning?! Oddly enough, I personally love this time of year.

De-cluttering your closet is one of the best feelings ever and leaves you with the bare bones of what you love most about your wardrobe. With spring coming up soon, kick off the upcoming season with a solid closet clean out to make room for investment pieces that you truly love. Your closet is not a place to store unnecessary clutter, yet we’re all guilty of having tons of it. So here is your chance to change that.

Keep scrolling to read our super simple guide on how to clean out your closet in an hour. Ready, set, go!

Step 1: Get 4 boxes

First off, you’ll need the proper equipment to get your closet in shape for the summer. Set up 4 big boxes and label them “keep,” “maybe,” “donate,” and “garbage.” I also like to keep a few hangers close by in case I want to hang some items I find in my closet.

KEEP: These are your must-have items that you just can’t live without. You wear them on a weekly (or maybe daily) basis and love them with all your heart. These are your staple items, hang on to them.

MAYBE: Keep this pile as small as possible. These are the clothes that you think might have a life in the future for a special occasion, or when you lose that extra 5 pounds you’ve been hoping to get rid of. To fight this, live in the present. Can you wear it right now? Do you feel comfortable wearing it? If you answered no to one or both of these questions, get rid of it. If you truly can’t decide, put it in the “maybe” pile. However, I can’t stress this point enough – keep the “maybe” pile small! You’ll thank yourself later when you have to sort through the pile and make a final decision. We’ll revisit the “maybe” pile in step 3.

DONATE: These are the clothes that no longer fit properly or rarely get worn. This pile should consist of the clothes that have been sitting in your closet for the past 6+ months without ever being touched. Make sure that they are clean and still in decent condition.

GARBAGE: The garbage pile is for clothes that no longer belong in your closet and aren’t fit to be donated. Holes, tears, sweat stains and any other stubborn stains are all signs to toss an item into the trash.

Step 2: Start sorting

Be ruthless and move quickly, you only have an hour! Start by taking ALL of your clothes out of your closet, your dressers, and anywhere else you keep them, and dumping them into one massive pile. It sounds intimidating, but it’s the most effective way at tackling the monster in your closet – head on! Move as quickly as possible and don’t overthink it. If you love it, keep it. If you don’t wear it, get rid of it.

While sorting through your clothes, ask yourself these questions:

     Have I worn this item in the past 12 months?
     Do I feel comfortable when I wear this?
     If I went shopping right now, would I buy this?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, get rid of it. The only items that should stay are the ones that you want to wear now. If you paid a hefty price tag for an item but never ended up wearing it, try selling it on Ebay. You won’t get the full price you paid for it, but at least you can try and make a bit of cash while cleaning out your closet. Double win!

Step 3: Put everything in it’s right place

Organize all the items you’re keeping and hang them neatly in your closet. Donate the donation box, and toss the garbage pile. Remember that “maybe” pile you made? Keep it for 6 months. Any clothes that you pull out of the box within those 6 months can stay, get rid of anything else.

Step 4: Bask in your uncluttered glory

Take a step back and appreciate all your hard work. Living an uncluttered life makes room for living with intention and meaning. Invest in memorable experiences, rather than material things. When shopping, purchase quality pieces that will last you a good few years and pair well with multiple items in your wardrobe. Investment pieces are always in fashion!

Did you know that our Sakura Convertible Dress can be styled in over 60 different ways? Forget about shopping for a new dress every time you have a special occasion. There’s a Henkaa for that! Our Ivy Convertible Dress is also a great choice for your everyday routine and can be styled in over 11 different ways. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Henkaa’s got your back.

Don’t put it off any longer, use our guide on how to clean out your closet in an hour to kick start your spring cleaning routine this season. Good luck!

10 Fun Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Wedding on the Henkaa blog!

10 Fun and Unique Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Wedding

10 Fun Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Wedding on the Henkaa blog!

Kids can be a tricky bunch to take care of when it comes to finding fun activities for your wedding guests. Depending on the age and amount of children that will be attending, there are a few options that will not only keep them entertained, but will allow for the adults to have a bit of fun without worrying about what the kids are doing. Here are a few fun and unique ideas to entertain kids at a wedding!

1. Hire a Babysitter

If you know there will be a good handful of children attending your wedding, we highly recommend hiring a babysitter to look after them throughout the night. By doing so, you and the other adults can have some peace of mind while you get down on the floor. The babysitter can manage the kiddies’ activities and take care of them throughout the night. That way you and your guests can focus on having a good time, and so can the kids!

2. Set Up a Kids Only Movie Tent

Set up a whimsical looking tent with a sign that reads “kids only” so that the little ones feel a little more exclusive. Inside, they can relax and play while watching some of their favorite movies. Make sure to have a few movies picked out beforehand so that they have a few options to pick. That was you won’t have to run back and forth looking for more flicks while entertaining your guests!

3. Let Them Go Crazy with Crayons

Forget regular table covers, lay down butcher paper at the kids table and give them a bucket full of crayons. They’ll be so busy creating their masterpieces that they won’t even realize how fast the time flies by! Draw out some simple pictures with a black crayon and leave it to them to fill them in with color. They’ll love it!

4. Hire a Professional

What better way to entertain the children at your wedding than to hire a professional entertainer? Magicians, clowns, face painters, and balloon twisters are wonderful choices, and they’ll also be a wonderful surprise for the kids when they find out about the special guest that will be spending the night with them!

5. Hand Out Huge Sticks of Chalk

If there are any concrete walkways available at your wedding venue, give the kids some chalk to draw and play outside. It’s a great way to let the kids have fun and provides a simple clean up since it will easily wash away with the rain.

6. Designate a “Teenager Table”

Even though they’re not as disruptive as younger children, it’s nice to give teenagers their own space to spend time together and just hang out. Make a faux-cocktail station and provide them with some magazines to leaf through while they chat among each other.

7. Order Some Custom Made Coloring Books

If it’s in your budget, order some custom made coloring books for the kids to color in. The kids will have a blast decorating their own wedding cake and it’ll keep them busy for hours!

8. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? I secretly wish my friends would plan an adult treasure hunt for me sometimes. Plant some surprises around your wedding venue and give the children a map with clues to find them. It’ll be so fun they’ll forget that they’re even at a wedding!

9. Hook Up a Video Game Console

Set up a multiplayer video game such as Guitar Hero or Nintendo Wii so that all the kids can play games together. Who knows? Maybe some of the adults will come over and try their hand at Wii Tennis and end up dueling some of the kids. Let the games begin!

10. Rent a Bouncy Castle

Now, I know I already mentioned this option in my other post about planning an insanely fun wedding, but seriously, having a bouncy castle at a wedding is one of the best ideas ever! Who wouldn’t love to spend hours hopping around in one of these honking things? The kids will absolutely love it, and trust me when I say, it will seriously tire them out. Not only will they have the time of their lives at the party, they’ll sleep like babies, too. Double win!

And there you have 10 super fun ideas to entertain kids at a wedding. Got any ideas you didn’t see on our list? Share them with us, we love hearing new ideas! Don’t forget to follow our bridal checklist to make sure you’re staying on top of your wedding planning game!

11 Ways to be the MacGyver of Planning an Insanely Fun Wedding!

11 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Planning an Insanely Fun Wedding

11 Ways to be the MacGyver of Planning an Insanely Fun Wedding!

You’ve planned the perfect wedding, said your vows, tossed your bouquet, and now it’s time to get the party started. With all the hard work you put into planning your big day, you deserve to let loose and have a little – actually, a LOT of fun! We’ve compiled a list of 11 insanely fun wedding ideas that will impress your guests and leave them talking about it for years to come. So kick off your shoes and grab a margarita, lets get a little silly!

Get Crafty with your First Dance

Sure, the first dance is always a sweet and romantic moment for everyone to see. But what about a totally unexpected cha-cha routine to wow your guests? Or how about choreographing a quirky little skit for your audience? Not only will it entertain your guests, it’ll set the mood for the rest of the night and get everyone into a groovy state of mind!

Has anyone seen Justin Willman’s wife put a spell on him during their first dance? The audience’s reaction is the best. Make sure to watch the video until the end!

Have a Designated Kid Zone

Brainstorm some fun games for the kids to play and bring some crayons and coloring books to keep them occupied. You can even order personalized wedding coloring books if they’re in your budget. Ask a close relative if they would be willing to act as the activity coordinator for the kids, or hire a nanny who can look after them and manage their games and activities throughout the night. That way your guests can relax and enjoy themselves while their little ones do the same!

Hand Out Silly Party Favors

Don’t forget that your wedding reception is a party! Invite your guests to have a little fun and hand out noisemakers, silly string, funny props, or even some confetti to blow the place up with color. Let loose and let the party get a little crazy, a little fun never hurt no one!

Make a “DIY” Food Station

People love food. People love fun. Why not combine the two? Let your guests decorate their own cupcakes, make their own grilled cheese, create their own personalized cookie, or even let them prepare their own epic banana split. The possibilities are endless. Besides, the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, right?

Outdoor Wedding? Set Up Some Fun Lawn Games!

Ever played life-size Jenga? Here’s your chance! Set up some super fun games for your guests to play to keep them laughing all night. Twister, Cornhole, three-legged races, and egg racing are all classic games that everyone will enjoy playing. What better way to bond with your new brother-in-law than playing a game of Twister?

Anniversary Pinata

Instead of writing in a traditional guestbook, have your guests write words of encouragement, advice, funny jokes and anything else they want on a little note which they can drop into a pinata that you and your hubby will pop open on your one year anniversary. Imagine how fun it will be to bust it open on your anniversary day. Make a cute date out of it! Pop some champagne, eat some cake, and have fun smacking around the pinata from your big day. We’re sure you’ll get some hilarious and heart-warming notes in there.

How About an Expert Tasting Station?

Give your guests a taste of luxury with an expert beer, wine, or whiskey tasting station. You can even have a margarita station where guests can make their own unique margaritas, yum! Hand-rolled cigars are also a great option, just make sure your guests won’t be bothered by the smoke.

Set Up a Quirky Photo Station

Forget paying for a photo booth! Print out hilarious life size cut outs of you and your significant other for people to pose with, or get some crazy photo stand-ins. One couple made a life size Polaroid frame for people to pose with and the shots came out amazing! You can even hand out fun props and masks for your guests to incorporate into their pictures. The funkier, the better!

Plan a Surprise

Sometimes the best part of a party is the part that you don’t expect. Plan a surprise for your wedding reception, like a belly dancer or a team of acrobats, that can put together a crazy performance that will blow your guests away.

Rent a Bouncy Castle

Who said bouncy castles are only for kids? Rent a bouncy castle for your guests to bounce around in, they’ll thank you for it! Not only will it be the most amazingly fun experience EVER, the pictures of your guests hopping all over the place will make your sides hurt from laughing. It’s also a great way to let the grown ups and the kids have fun all together. That way, everyone is happy!

Get a Nostalgic Game of Flip Cup Going

Throw it back to freshman year with some good ol’ drinking games. Set up teams such as girls versus boys, or bride’s side versus groom’s side and dual it out over a heated game of flip cup! You can show off your secret ability at landing the cup perfectly every time while kicking the other team’s butt!

So there’s our list of 11 insanely fun wedding ideas. Have you started planning your wedding? Check out our bridal checklist to make sure you’re on track every step of the way!

Henkaa 15x30 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge Outfit

Your Wallet Will Thank You: 6 Ways Convertible Clothes Can Save You Money

6 Ways Convertible Clothes Can Save You Money

Ivy Convertible Dress in the Holly Style dress over boyfriend jeans and ankle strap pumps

You like saving money, don’t you? I mean, I’ll splurge where it makes sense, but ideally, I’d like to save my money for purchases that make sense. Amiright?

Convertible clothes are an amazing option that have recently paved their way into the fashion world and have proven to be a hit with budget-savvy fashionistas. Convertible fashion is great not only because it lasts, but also because it allows for fashion hunters to show off their artistic creativity by coming up with new and unique ways to wear one convertible item. For example, did you know our Blume Convertible Dress can be worn as a dress, a shirt, a skirt, and as harem pants? Yep, 1 dress, 4 options.

In case you need a little more convincing as to why convertible clothes are awesome, here are 6 ways that they can save you money!

1. They’re timeless investment pieces

Forget the days where you raced to the mall every time you had an important event to attend. Our convertible dresses are designed to be both casual and dressy, depending on what you need it for. So put down your credit card and opt for that statement necklace that’s sitting in your dresser or your favorite pair of earrings to add some glitzy glam to your look.

In addition to their timeless design, our dresses are made of the highest quality fabric in order to make sure that they stand the test of time. Wear it, wash it, twist it, throw it. No matter what, your convertible dress will always maintain it’s beautiful drape and shape and persevere through anything you throw at it.

2. Anyone can wear them, at any time

Convertible clothes are meant to save money wherever possible. With that in mind, our convertible dresses can be worn by anyone at any point in their lives. From size 0 to size 24, from petite to tall, we’ve got you covered. Our dresses are designed to fit all body types, and they drape beautifully on everyone. Don’t bother buying a new wardrobe every time your weight fluctuates, convertible clothes look great all the time!

Growing a baby bump? No worries! Our convertible dresses save the hassle of having to buy maternity clothes and look extra cute with a baby bump popping out from underneath. The stretchy fabric allows for maximum comfort and once the baby comes, it goes back to it’s original shape. If only all things in life were so easy!

3. They save you money on your electricity bill

Did you know that clothes dryers account for about 12% of the average household’s electricity bill? That’s huge. Luckily the fix for that is easy, stop using the dryer! Most convertible clothes are machine washer friendly and can be hung to dry. Our dresses love being hung out to dry as it lets their drape dry in their natural position, which in turn preserves their beautiful shape.

By opting for hang-drying your clothes instead of using the dryer, you can shave an average of about $200 off your electricity bill every year. I think that definitely deserves a cha-ching!

4. Travel light all the time

I’m totally guilty of paying extra for baggage because I just couldn’t decide which clothes and outfits to bring with me on my trip to Europe. So I brought 40 pounds of clothes with me, because that makes sense, right? Sigh, never again!

Convertible clothes give you the variety of multiple outfits and looks from a single item. Rather than bringing every pair of jeans you own and 10 different shirts, pack your Henkaa dress and you’re good to go! Another awesome tidbit, our dresses fold up to the size of a water bottle. Yep, you read that right. A water bottle! Say goodbye to the days of packing 2 suitcases to travel and paying for extra luggage. Packing light is now easier than ever with convertible pieces that can last you an entire week without repeating a look twice!

5. They’re wrinkle resistant

Our convertible dresses are made from our unique Lenaa fabric which is completely wrinkle resistant. Wrap it, fold it, mash it, squish it, do whatever you want, it won’t wrinkle! It’s one of several reasons why they’re such a great option for the avid traveler. Once you unpack your Henkaa and put it on, it’ll be ready to go just as quickly as you are.

Here’s an awesome tip: hang the dress in the bathroom while you shower to let the moisture from the hot water work out any small kinks and refresh the fabric!

6. No alterations – no problem!

Most convertible clothes are designed to be alteration free. Our Sakura and Iris Convertible Dresses come with a raw hemline which allows for easy alterations on the fly. Don’t bother paying unnecessary fees for a seamstress, with Henkaa, alterations are a piece of cake! Convertible clothes are meant to be as low-maintenance as possible while maintaining their superior quality. Henkaa is no different. In order to save you money in the long run, our products do not need professional alterations and are easy to adjust if need be.

So there are 6 awesome ways that convertible clothes can and will save you money. Not only will you feel good about spending less money, you can also feel even better knowing that you’ve reduced your carbon footprint by reducing your consumption habits! Now there’s something to feel good about.

If you love what Sylvia is wearing at the top of the page, check out our Ivy Convertible Dress collection including the newly added Ivy Maxi Dress! Perfect for the office, vacation, and everything in between.

Do you have any convertible clothes? How has your experience been with them so far? We want to hear from you, tell us in the comments!

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